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Lead by Annabel Bashford  Moon Dust Theatre collaborates with performers and artists from a wide range of diciplines. The core members of the team are: Phil Grainger, Dan Lees, Carmen Acquelladas, Douglas Thompson and Matthew Trevelyan. Our shows include Old Stinker (2021) The Winged Finger of Knaresborough (2022). 

By our very nature Moon Dust Theatre is inclusive as we are led by and workside by side with people with a variety of disabilities. As a company we work with adults with downs syndrome, blindness, autism and learning difficulties. We recognise their amazing imaginations and creative abilities. This diversity is integral to what we do and the results are joyful, expressive and funny. We thrive by celebrating our diverse talents and minds.Our projects allows adults with disabilities who may not always get a chance to be included in the arts to be part of something. Moon Dust Theatre aims to create a platform for this under served community and show people what they are capable of. We do not explicitly mention disability in our shows, choosing instead to focus on the story created by participants, but by their very nature they send a clear message about being truly inclusive and what magic can be made when people come together in an open hearted way to create.

'It was really good. I really enjoyed it and I'd love to do another one sometime. It was a really good experience.' Paul

'I loved every single minute of it. It was awesome. My favourite bit was being Tracey the barmaid as I got lots of laughs.' Sarah

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